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K 2022

The world’s leading trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry, K 2022 will be held in Dusseldorf from 19th to 26th October 2022. At this fair, you will have a unique opportunity to see all our partners in one place and to see their latest technological innovations.

The special attention of this year’s fair is devoted to the topics of circular economy and digitalization, and this year K 2022 is celebrating its 70th birthday, which also sets it apart from other events.

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We present to you the program of our partners:

Engel – Hall 15/C58

Injection molding machines

ENGEL – is the world’s largest manufacturer of plastic and rubber injection molding machines, with electric, hydraulic and hybrid injection molding machines in its production program. The Engel company provide not only machines, but know-how, creating complete solutions according to the client’s specifications. Engel machines represent one solution for five industries: packaging, automotive industry, medicine, technical plastics and electronics. Through constant innovation, Engel machines achieve maximum energy efficiency and savings in granulate.

Read more about what awaits you at the ENGEL booth:

With the initiative Be the first. Be efficient. we offer you the answer to surging electricity prices.


Your situation:

Energy prices are rising, electricity suppliers are adjusting their tariffs upwards. But you as a company cannot raise your prices overnight. Under certain circumstances, this will destroy your calculations.

The solution from ENGEL:

We don’t just look at the injection moulding machine, but the entire plant. The combination of temperature control, intelligent device communication and smart process control leads to maximum efficiency of your system. In this way, the power consumption and CO2 emissions of your injection moulding machine can be reduced by up to 67 %. Depending on the application and machine.

Wintec – Hall 15/C58

Injection molding machines
WINTEC – high quality plastic injection molding machines at a lower price range. The t-win series are innovative plastic injection molding machines with a clamping force of 4500 kN to 24000 kN. WINTEC machines are manufactured in China, and the founder and 100% owner is the Austrian company ENGEL. Neofyton post sales service support guarantees a quick response to the customer’s call and its own stock of spare parts.

At the fair, the t-win 6500-4800 machine equipped with the viper 40 robot, presented in the production of automobile gas chambers with the use of Qingdao time Mold Co., Ltd. tools, will be presented.




wintec t win

Piovan – Hall 10/C20

Piovan Group, with the brands Piovan, Aquatech, Penta, Fdm, Energys, Progema, Doteco and Pelletron, will present innovative solutions including: CondensoSoftBoost, Vento, Vulkano, Odor Minder and CAPchiller.

The world’s number one trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry will return to the Messe Düsseldorf exhibition centre from 19 to 26 October to address the sector’s current challenges: sustainability, saving the planet’s resources, circular economy and digitalisation.

Come visit us at stand C20, hall 10. 


Piovan Group will present a complete overview of its most advanced technological solutions and its evolution during the last intensely challenging years, in which it has maintained a positive development trend, despite an unfavourable global situation, and has strengthened its global presence in particular after the recent acquisition of the American brands Conair, Thermalcare, Pelletron and Republic Machine. Constant growth within a path of ‘sustainable leadership‘, the theme chosen to define participation in K 2022, with reference to the Group’s world records and the development of patented solutions to produce with recycled plastic in line with ESG policies. With more than 200,000 visitors expected, K 2022 will once again be an excellent opportunity for the Piovan Group to showcase innovations and solutions, and the ideal platform for strengthening and forging new contacts.

Piovan Group will be exhibiting at booth C20, Hall 10, in an area of 600 square metres, which has been significantly increased since the last edition. The booth will be organised into sectors for better visitor experience: PET preforms and bottles; rigid packaging; automotive components; technical components; medical solutions; technical and thermoforming sheets; flexible films; pipes, cables and profiles; fibre and strapping; recycling and compounding.
For the first time, the brands Pelletron, part of the acquired American group, and Doteco will be present on the Piovan Group stand.

In addition to the chance to experience two virtual environments, PET and Blown Film, and a test area with InspectaBe, visitors will have the opportunity to see the Group’s solutions.

There will be Winfactory 4.0, the production process control and management software developed by Piovan to ensure automatic recipe setting, prevention of human errors, production repeatability and product traceability; Winenergy, the energy efficiency monitoring and analysis system able to provide customers with a complete analysis of real consumption; and Winflo, for monitoring and control of Aquatech’s industrial cooling solutions, to transform data into business-relevant information and optimise the operation and management of resources remotely.

For the dehumidification line: Condenso, specially developed for the plastics recycling process, capable of removing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the process air during dehumidification with a unique energy recovery system, and SoftBoost, the solution with Piovan’s new patented air channelling system that heats the granule to the core in just 40 minutes to bring it rapidly from 120 to 180 °C. This innovative hopper, specially designed for regenerated PET, reduces the thermal stress on the resin for a high quality product and improves the energy efficiency of the process.

Vento, the new film automatic cooling and thickness control system. The special ring design, conceived to minimise friction and pressure losses, optimises energy consumption while maximising efficiency, and achieves high performance in terms of 2Sigma reduction and film flatness.
The new automatic cleaning system for Grado Adroit feeders enables production changeovers, reducing time, costs and material waste.

CAPchiller, the water-cooled chiller designed for applications requiring very high temperature precision, high water flow rates relative to cooling capacity, and high pressures such as the production of caps or medical products. The solution is plug-and-play and can adapt the cooling capacity to the required heat load.

Special attention will also be paid to analysis tools. Vulkano, the new portable instrument for measuring the presence of VOCs in process air and monitoring filter saturation, will be on show: it allows the lifespan of filters to be maximised and their effectiveness to be verified at any time. You will be able to view Odor Minder, the compact in-line electronic nose designed to verify the effectiveness of the post-consumer plastic deodorisation process. In addition, it will be possible to test visitors’ finished products (sheets and bottles) or semi-finished products (granules and preforms) in PET and rPET for benzene or acetaldehyde using the Inspecta analyser.


Come visit us at stand C20, hall 10. 

Watch how it was on K show 2019 ➡


PIOVAN – is a world leader in the development and production of auxilary equipment: dryers, thermoregulators, dispensers, central systems for material transport and storage automation. Neofyton specializes in the construction, design and installation of central Piovan systems for pneumatic transport of materials to machines. The advantages of quality supporting equipment are: material savings, higher productivity, automation of work processes, software control and process optimization.

Sipa – Hall 13/B11


SIPA will be showing its unique expertise in PET container design and production technologies at K 2022, with sustainable solutions based on reduced consumption of utilities and virgin fossil-based materials, and increased use of post-consumer recyclate.

Visitors to the SIPA stand, 13B11, can take part in a “full immersion” experience of what is possible in PET, through use of live production demonstrations and live links to remote operations. They will gain a deep insight into SIPA’s outstanding capabilities in providing customized solutions with the flexibility to adapt to fast-changing markets, across diverse technologies. Sustainability and digitization will be among key focus points.

Innovations in single-stage ISBM technology

Running all through the show will be a single-stage ISBM (injection-stretch-blow molding) system, an ECS SP25, which SIPA will be using to demonstrate how flexible the technology can be in production of a wide variety of containers – in this case, cosmetic bottles. The ability to respond to fast-changing customer and market requirements is more important than ever today, especially with the current substantial shortfall in availability of glass bottles.

It is very easy to change tooling on ECS SP machines, thanks in part to a special feature on the mold-change system that involves the use of a special device to facilitate handling of pieces weighing any more than 2kg. The fact that SIPA is in a strong position to supply in-house produced (and designed, if necessary) molds is an extra advantage.

Capabilities in injection mold making

SIPA will also demonstrate its ability to develop and produce high-performance, high-cavitation hot-runner preform injection molds. On display will be a 180-cavity mold optimized to enable the highest preform production rate in the market (especially when it runs on one of SIPA’s XFORM high-performance injection molding systems). Also important for the future will be the capacity the company has to respond to customer calls for design modifications driven by changes in legislative requirement for bottle caps, which are likely to affect bottle neck designs.

Innovative systems for keeping injection molds ultraclean, even when processing post-consumer recycled PET, will be demonstrated. Videos will introduce Xactive-Cleaning for hot halves and Xvacuum-Cleaning for cold halves. These are systems that SIPA has developed to avoid the accumulation of dust generated above all during processing of rPET.

With Xactive-Cleaning, compressed air used to move the hot runner valves is dual-purposed to also blow out very fine particles that deposit inside the actuators each cycle, and which could eventually affect stem movement. Xvacuum-Cleaning takes care of residues accumulating in recesses of the neck area of the preform mold, by applying a vacuum from the core blow circuit at the very early beginning of the filling stage. Both serve to extend maintenance intervals and enhance the ability of an injection system to process high levels of rPET is enhanced.


Download catalogue: INJECTION MOLD


Digital Innovation

A zone on digitization will feature the very latest innovations in SIPA’s technical services package, called the Echo System. This makes it possible to have full control of system performance, increasing efficiency and optimizing costs. It allows users to access information on any of its SIPA machines anywhere in the world, at any time.

Demonstrations on the stand will use real-time connections to machines running off-site, and SIPA’s augmented reality service will be explained to visitors through a new video.


SIPA will highlight its multiple capabilities at the service of downstream partners to reduce consumption of materials, energy, water, and compressed air, and to create containers that use the highest levels of not only rPET but also alternative resins – and which are fully recyclable, not only in principle, but in practice too.

SIPA is also shining the light on AWArPET, the new brand to communicate the company’s approach in the design and production of primary and secondary packaging according to the utmost respect for the environment. SIPA’s product design experts are involved in the development of thousands of new packaging designs every year, and in all of these, the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – are constant guides.


SIPA is a global specialist in PET packaging, offering complete solutions for systems for PET preforms, systems for the production and filling of PET bottles, as well as blow molds for the beverage and food industry. SIPA provides technical solutions that best meet the customer’s requirements, optimizing their production process taking into account factors such as the cost of bottles, saving materials and energy and space.

Eurochiller – Hall 10/B13

EUROCHILLER – is a manufacturer of industrial cooling systems with water and air cooling, which stands out in terms of the constant development of “green” technologies and the development of chillers with high energy efficiency. In its offer, Eurochiller especially singles out chillers with adiabatic cooling, which, in addition to great savings in energy consumption, also enable great process stability, as well as maximum product quality.


Tria – Hall 9/D02

TRIA – The Italian company TRIA in its offer includes mills for grinding plastics of various purposes – foils, large-sized plastic parts, plate elements, monofilaments; mills for grinding blown, injected, thermoformed, extruded plastics as well as scrap.


Granulators dedicated to inline grinding with injection moulding machines of sprues, scraps, engineering plastics and elastomers filled with glass fiber. Their maintenance is particularly easy; the opening of machines does not require the use of tools.


Technical moulds, reinforced materials, no fine parts, minimum noise level, uniform regrind material, easy maintenance, patented cleaning system for grinding chamber. The new JS Series is screen-less and suitable for runners recovery in-line with injection moulding machines. Easy to handle with limited lateral foot print to reduce the space between presses.

SMGL series

Screenless machines working at low rpm, ideal for grinding sprues and injection products with rigid polymers. They ensure a uniform size of regrind material, without producing long and dust. Very low noise level; easy and fast maintenance.

Mb Conveyors – Hall 10/E31

This year again, from 19th to 26th of October, we will take part to K2022, the most important exhibition for the plastics processing industry, where we will carry on our innovative process of reviewing and enhancing the sustainability of MB products, welcoming you in a brand new booth in  HALL 10, STAND E31. 

Our mission to offer a complete range of ever  improving products, always looking for cutting-edge solutions to guarantee higher quality every day, combining technology, reliability, flexibility and efficiency, has been combined for some years now with our GREEN DEAL philosophy: a committment to also improve duration over time, performance efficiency and energy consumption of our products, operating on materials, technologies and design, to get environmental, energy consumption and functional benefits.

Future is Green.

MB Conveyors takes its sustainable approach to K2022

We look forward to seeing you in Düsseldorf, to show you how these innovations will be implemented across our entire product range:  belt conveyors, plastic and metal belts, separators, storage systems and everything you might need along the production line from the IMM, until the storage into the container.

After more than 35 years of history and success, we continue to look forward with enthusiasm and determination, exploring new paths and embracing the most innovative technologies, always with a personal touch to make unique what we do..
See you at K 2022!


MB CONVEYORS – offer tailor-made solutions: conveyor belts, separators, elevators, metal detectors, as well as complete conveyor lines and storage systems.

ifw mould tec GmbH – Hall 1/c15

In precise accordance with the current requirements of the market, ifw mould tec, as a leading specialist for injection moulds, is focusing on energy and resource efficiency at this year’s K. Another is on the unique synergy effects that the Austrian company can offer thanks to close cooperation with its sister company ifw kunststofftechnik.

With the main focus on sustainability and resource efficiency, this year’s K trade fair in Düsseldorf focuses on an area that has already played a central role in the development of highly efficient and high-performance injection moulds at ifw mould tec for many years. Whereby ifw thinks about the topic of sustainability in both its ecological and economic dimension and incorporates it into its solutions. This is the case, for example, with SE multi-cavity mould systems. Here, the company based in Micheldorf, Upper Austria, has been impressing customers for several years with high-end solutions for bends. Not least because of the successes achieved with these, the company has now expanded its smart injection (SE) program to include solutions for the series production of sockets and branches. ifw Managing Director Mag. Gerald Neudeck speaks of new standards in production compaction and resource efficiency, which the company is now also relying on for these fittings. “In addition to first-class product quality, our SE moulds enable double the output in the same cycle time with power savings of up to 40 percent.”

Custom developments in the 2 components (2K) range
Resource efficiency is also an important aspect at ifw mould tec when it comes to the development and implementation of molds for the production of customer-specific 2K components. For example, for the sanitary and ventilation sector. In fact, compared to conventional methods, the 2K process is not only less material- and energy-intensive, but also more time-efficient. This is because the time-consuming assembling process is eliminated. A further advantage is that ifw’s services in the 2K sector begin with the analysis of whether the product required by the customer can even be implemented in the mold in its current form. If this is not the case, the ifw tooling experts develop an alternative component or product concept that is at least equivalent, but usually even better. Shareholder Christian Otte, AIE: “Consulting and technical application support for the customer as well as the development of customer-specific solutions are services that we offer our customers not only in the 2K segment, but for all technologies.”

Unique synergy with ifw kunststofftechnik
ifw mould tec will also use the K to provide information on the unique synergy effects resulting from the cooperation with its sister company ifw kunststofftechnik. In fact, customers are offered exclusive benefits resulting from the combination of mouldmaking and injection moulding operations with a large machine park. For example, after maintenance or repair, ifw often even tests the moulds on the same machines in which they are later used again by the customer. In addition, mould customers have the option of contract manufacturing their components on ifw kunststofftechnik machines. Sales Director Ing. Harald Schicklgruber, MIB MBA adds, “If the customer is later able to utilize his own machine to capacity and buys it, he gets our full support in integrating the mould into his own production process. “

 Live production at the 120 m2 booth
With what is probably the largest exhibition stand of a mould manufacturer at K, ifw does justice to its leading position in an impressive way, also in terms of space. The booth is even large enough to provide a 220-ton ENGEL-machine with enough space for the live production of double branch with an innovative ifw mould. Specifically, this is a technology that is much more compact than conventional moulds and can therefore run on smaller machines, consuming less space and energy. Which brings us back full circle to the central topic of this K, where ifw awaits its visitors in Hall 1, Stand C15.


The ifw group is an international technology leader in high-tech mould making for plastic pipe fittings and moulds for specific applications as well as contract manufacturer of custom made plastic parts.