Experience a revolution in the production of plastic products with Engel injection molding machines at Plast Eurasia 2023.

Engel, the global leader in the production of  injection molding machines, is again exhibiting at Plast Eurasia 2023, the largest trade show for plastics in Turkey and Eastern Europe. The latest technologies and solutions for injection molding will be presented, which will increase your productivity, reduce costs and achieve better product quality.

At its stand, Engel presented solutions for:

  • Latest Injection Molding Technologies: Discover the latest innovations in plastic injection molding, including Engel’s high-efficiency machines and intelligent production automation systems.
  • Impeccable product quality: Engel’s injection molding machines enable the highest product quality, thanks to modern technology and high production standards.
  • Reduced production costs: Engel’s injection molding machines are designed for optimal energy efficiency and minimal maintenance, helping you reduce production costs and increase profits.
  • Increased productivity: Engel’s injection molding machines are fast, precise and reliable, allowing you to increase productivity and meet the most demanding requirements of your customers.

Engel’s e-mac 280t injection molding machine represents a significant advance in technology, giving manufacturers the edge to achieve excellence in productivity, quality and sustainability.

  • Improved energy efficiency: the e-mac 280t machine is designed to consume significantly less energy, which reduces operating costs and environmental impact.
  • Outstanding precision and repeatability: With its advanced electric drive and intelligent control systems, the e-mac 280t provides unmatched precision and repeatability, ensuring consistent product quality.
  • Increased productivity: Optimized cycle times and fast mold opening and closing movements allow you to produce more parts in less time, increasing your overall productivity.
  • Great flexibility: the e-mac 280t can be adapted to a wide range of applications and production requirements.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Engel and Neofyton experts at Plast Eurasia 2023 and find out how they can help you take your plastic production to the next level.

e-mac 280t