WINTEC, a member of the ENGEL group of companies headquartered in Austria, is expanding sales of t-win

injection moulding machines to Europe. This step makes the dual-platen large-scale machines available worldwide.

With a tradition lasting 28 years, admirable reputation, professional service support and exceptional business results

on 8 world markets, company Neofyton has been chosen by the company Engel

to represent officially the manufacturer of injection molding machines WINTEC for our region

(Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro) and West Africa.

Wintec t-win series – servo-hydraulic two-platen machine, clamping force 450 to 1750 tons

  • servo hydraulic machine with two platens
  • servo hydraulic machine with two platens
  • easy to operate
  • high productivity
  • energy efficiency
  • quick availability
  • extremely economical
  • superb price/quality ratio

The servo-hydraulic two-platen t-win is the economical machine for your single-shot application.

The decades-long experience in injection molding embodied in the design of a machine which is focused

on fast and energy efficient production: from white household appliances to automotive or technical parts.

The key to outstanding productivity is large output, consistent part quality and maximum machine availability.

The t-win series is future oriented, aimed at a reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership.

Your return on investment is ensured by a combination of high productivity,

energy efficiency, easy operation and maintenance.

The extended service life – guaranteed by the proven design, premium components and highest quality standards

in the manufacturing process – makes your investment profitable well in the future.

  • higher productivity – achieved through fast movements, short clamping force build-up time and synchronized locking device movements, together with an overall reduction of total cycle time
  • higher energy efficiency – guaranteed by the fast acceleration and low energy consumption of the servo drive system servo-win
  • increased availability and output– enabled thanks to the reliable and proven design as well as features allowing fast access for maintenance
  • profitable operation – t-win becomes profitable after a short period of time and generates value in the long run, thanks to this superior machine concept which combines all elements of an economic production
  • smaller footprint – the two-platen machine concept allows a compact design and smaller space requirement
  • longer service life – premium components and a design concept that reduce machine and mold wear – guarantee an extended service life of 15 to 20 years and more


  1. Minor investment – best price/quality ratio compared to compatition
  2. ENGEL injection molding
  3. Maximum productivity
  4. Exceptional profitability
  5. High reliability
  6. Energy efficiency‚ Servo-ECO-DRIVE
  7. Standard plastic applicaitons injeciton, high quality and optimal cycle
  8. Availability and short delivery deadline
  9. Longer service life
  10. Timely and professional ENGEL/NEOFYTON service support

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