Developed to ensure maximum performance in the molding of packaging and thin wall products,

Eurochiller ICEtemp series consists of water-cooled chillers able to deliver large high-pressure water flows

to reduce temperature differences in the mold ensuring a temperature accuracy of +/- 0,1°C directly in the heart of the use.

The series covers a cooling capacity ranging between 4 and 98 kW and is available

in different configurations, including a version with integrated free-cooling.

Cooling with precision is possible.


Frame constructed from pre-painted metal sheet

Plates evaporator

Stainless steel storage tank

Stainless steel, horizontal multi-stage pumps

Scroll compressors (refrigerant R407c)

Inspectable shell and tube condenser

7”soft touch control panel with customized PLC

Certificates: CE – PED

The ICETEMP line complies with ECO-DESIGN Directive effective from 01.01.2018


Multiple applications

Accurate temperature control (tolerance +/- 0,1°C)

Dynamic free-cooling

Flow rate and pressure monitoring

Cooling or heating function from -5°C to 90°C

In addition to Eurochiller, Neofyton is a partner for the sale and installation of

Engel plastic injection molding machines for the markets of ,

Serbia, BiH, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana,

as well as equipment for the plastics industry of SIPA, MB Conveyors, Tria and Piovan