Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

JEC World 2020 from 3 to 5 March in Paris, France, showcases the entire value-added chain of the composites industry.

One important part of this chain is forming thermoplastic fibre-composite preforms.

The ENGEL organomelt process takes this one step further.

Organic sheets and unidirectional tapes are not just formed,

but also functionalised in the same injection moulding step.

This will be demonstrated live at the ENGEL Stand in Hall 5.

The main component of the production cell, which is producing demonstration components

made of continuous fibre-reinforced polyamide (PA), is a tie-bar-less

ENGEL victory 200/50 injection moulding machine equipped with an ENGEL viper 12 linear robot

for handling pre-forms and finished parts, and a double-sided,

vertical ENGEL IR oven. It is provided by Brightlands Materials Center in Geleen, Netherlands,

which is dedicated to the development of innovative and sustainable material solutions

meeting tomorrow’s societal challenges.

Lightweight Automotive is one of three major shared research programs the international

R&D center is focusing on building on its partnership with ENGEL.

Read more. Download Engel JEC 2020 newsletter (English version)

Read more. Download Engel JEC 2020 newsletter (German version)