New Engel Victory 200/50 fast track injection molding machine has been delivered to Polymer Lab in Novi Sad.

Neofyton’s cooperation with the Faculty of Technical Sciences and the Faculty of Technology successfully continues as a completely new Victory injection molding machine is now delivered to the students.

In June 2018, a joint project of company Neofyton with its partners ENGEL from Austria and Piovan from Italy resulted in opening the Polymer Lab within the Department of Production Engineering, Faculty of Technical Sciences and Department of Materials, Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad.

The Polymer Lab contains a completely automated production line, consisting of the injection molding machine, robots and accompanying equipment. Students of the above mentioned faculties have the opportunity to understand how the process of plastic processing works, as well as to expand their theoretical knowledge.

Machine options:

  • Remote Service Package for 1 machine/robot according to the ENGEL remote service general terms and conditions
  • mould mounting platens with additional threaded holes for more flexibility in mould mounting
  • Center ejector
  • single hydraulic corepull on moving platen
    with check valve and pressure release
  • solenoid air valve 5/2-ways, R1/4 inch,
    located on stationary platen
  • M3 barrel
  • S8 Screw – Geometry GPS (G1), diameter 25 mm L/D 24.8
  • UNR9 universal-shut (R9B) – ring check valve
  • Corrosion resistant barrelhead
  • Open nozzle with removable nozzle tip
  • Ecodrive SHV1 with excellent energy Efficiency from a highly dynamic servo pump
  • CC300 microcomputer
  • Ecograph – analysis of energy consumption of injection mould machine
  • iQ weight monitor software for monitoring melt volume and viscosity variations
  • iQ melt control – automatic recovery time optimisation
  • water flow control manifold for temperature circuitts on the machine rear side, 4 circuits
  • hosing of temperature control circutis from flow control manifold to stationary platen 2 circuits and hosing of temperature control circutis from flow control manifold to moving platen 2 circuits and
  • machine equipped for installation of a stand-alone robot

As a socially responsible company, Neofyton had promised to continue to support the work of the Polymer Lab as well as to renew the equipment, and that promise has been fulfilled. This technology makes the Polymer Lab unique of its kind in the Republic of Serbia and the region.

We wish the students a lot of success in further training!

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