Tria granulator BM-K 6042 – HDPE Bottles

BM-K 6042 – Power 15 kW – Output 320 kg/h

Grinding test of HDPE Bottles. Manual feeding with conveyor belt.

Granulators dedicated to the recovery of blow molding scraps: runners, blown pieces, in-line parison at high temperatures. Off-line grinding of preforms and blown pieces. Suitable for molds or bulky and light thermoformed scraps.


  • Full range of granulators for small bottles, tanks and jerry cans to 200 liter, coex fuel tanks 15 kg, IBC container, without pre-cutting
  • In line grinding of pieces from blow molding and runners to 180°C
  • 23.000 bottles/h of 0,75 liter ground at start up, without fly-back


  • Bottles
  • Jerrycans
  • Fuel tanks
  • Drums up to 220 l
  • IBC container

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