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Svetski lider u proizvodnji prateće opreme za industriju plastike

PIOVAN grupa je svetski lider u razvoju i proizvodnji pomoćnih sistema za automatizaciju skladištenja, transporta i prerade polimera, plastike i hrane, pružanju inženjerskih rešenja i servisnih usluga. Od silosa na otvorenom do centralizovanih sistema za hranjenje: dizajniraju i proizvode integrisana i fleksibilna rešenja za sve vrste plastike. Posvećeni kupcima i inovacijama, razvoju i budućim trendovima, teže da svoju profesionalnost usmere ka zadovoljenju kupčevih zahteva. Činjenica koja PIOVAN izdvaja od konkurencije je izrada gotovo svih elemenata i pod-sklopova u matičnoj kompaniji. Na osnovu ovako koncipirane razvojne strategije danas iza znaka PIOVAN stoji kvalitet, pouzdanost i ekonomičnost.

O kompaniji PIOVAN (PDF 6.89 MB)


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Modeli za transport plastičnog granulata

Easylink+ automatic coupling stations

Simple, reliable, efficient

The new Easylink+ range has a state-of-the-art cleaning system integrated in the bottom inlet to guarantee perfect cleaning of the main arms and prevent contamination. The new main arms are manufactured with a special hardening treatment for even greater wear resistance.

The floor space requirement is minimal even for the largest models with 60 inlets/outlets. Easylink+ has a compact, vertical design with moving parts inaccessible for optimal operator safety. In the case of applications where absence of contamination is critical, a slide gate can be installed on every outlet as a barrier against residual granules. Pneumatic fitting positions are encoder-controlled to ensure correct selection of the material source. The drives are equipped with inverters for fast, precise movements.

An Easylink+ coupling station is able to control up to 60 sources and 60 destinations, and can be configured using all or some of the inlets and outlets, keeping the option of subsequent expansions open.

Easylink+ is essential for reliable, complete material traceability.

Integration with Winfactory 4.0 allows:

  • maximum traceability of materials
  • automatic setting of transport and line cleaning times
  • raw material stock monitoring with automated reorder function
  • remote connection from portable devices


  • No contamination thanks to state-of-the-art pipe cleaning procedure
  • High wear resistance
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Completely traceable materials
  • Minimal floor space occupation and maximum accessibility
  • Outstanding versatility thanks to a broad range of diameters – 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 76mm – and the large number of possible inlet/outlet combinations

Saznajte više (PDF 1.61 MB)

Handlink manual coupling stations

Quick and easy operations

Handlink is the manual coupling station equipped with innovative twist couplers based on a bayonet connection. What makes these couplers different is the absence of a gasket that could get in contact with plastic granules with the consequence of possible contamination and prevents any risk of decreasing the feed system performance due to the loss of vacuum. With the new couplers of Handlink, stainless steel is the only material that is in contact with the plastic chips.

The connecting operation is quick and easy and it can be done with only one hand. To meet any customer needs, a basic version with brass threaded couplers and without a tagging system is still available. The Handlink+ is equipped with a tagging system based on RFID system that includes a local LED to immediately show the status of the connection.

The tagging system allows a preliminary consistency check. If the Easy 3+ feeding system control detects an incorrect connection between source and destination, then the feeding cycle cannot start, avoiding any mistake or risk of contamination. The Handlink+ tagging system also introduces the function of cap recognition.

Thanks to this additional feature it is possible to avoid missing feeding cycles due to open material lines. In the case of a missing cap a specific alarm is generated and the operator can take the corrective action without any risk of compromising the overall performance of the feeding system. The new tagging system is designed to be fully integrated with the Easy 3 and Easy3+ controls, but special versions can be realised for customised feeding system with PLC control.


  • One hand connection and operation
  • Absence of any sealing in contact with material and so no risk of contamination or of missing vacuum due to sealing wear
  • Indication of the correct coupling thanks to RFID tagging system, to avoid mistakes
  • Recognition of the presence of closing caps

Saznajte više (PDF 1.61 MB)

Easy 3 System receivers

Centralised control and new concept material receivers

The single wire distributed Easy3 control, along with a broad range of granule receivers with volumes from 1.5 through to 140 litres.
Three versions of vacuum receivers are available: granule receiver entirely in stainless steel (C models), version with 3 sight glasses (SR models) and in the configuration with glass section (GR units). Additionally, the range includes specific versions for the treatment of high temperature or abrasive materials. The receivers can work independently or be included in an Easy3System centralised conveying system.

Main features:

  • Effective and rapid cleaning operations (new design of the receiver and of the filtering set which permit to easily open the lid without disconnecting the electrical cables and the vacuum pipes)
  • Perfect sealing (new design of the discharge flap, equipped with a special anti-wearing gasket)
  • Reduced maintenance operations and high reliability of the filter
  • Guaranteed functioning of the magnetic sensor, integrated in the control box and factory pre-set
  • Maximum ease of use (exclusive compact box which includes electrical cables and pneumatic components)
  • Long period of usage


  • Cartridge filter
  • Fabric filter
  • Keypad
  • Acoustic alarm
  • Proportional valve
  • Valve for NAS systems


  • Effective and rapid cleaning operations
  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Central material intake port
  • Maintenance-free metal separation screen
  • Visual inspection sight glasses
  • Glass sleeve for enhanced visual inspection
  • Free orientation of bottom and top sections

Saznajte više (PDF 1.61 MB)

Varyo series vacuum units

Controlled vacuum generation

Varyo, the line of vacuum units for resin conveying, adjusts loading cycle stages automatically to eliminate mechanical stress on the polymer and reduce electricity consumption.

Central vacuum units are subject to constant operation, both when on duty and on stand-by. Varyo can start and stop as necessary without compromising the life expectancy and reliability of the blower/pump or the motor drive. Resin conveyance puts the material under mechanical/physical stress. The consequence is production of powder. The adequate velocity of conveyance in the pipe is what can be achieved with Varyo. Depending on distance, elevation and quantity of material to be conveyed, Varyo can be set to provide adequate vacuum to perform the very initial phase of the loading cycle, when the material starts to move, the intermediate phase, when the material must fill up the vacuum receiver and the final phase, when the line must be purged. These phases require different vacuum levels in the line for different durations, depending on length, elevation and capacity.


  • Energy efficient operation
  • Reduction of dust generation
  • Adjustment of vacuum for individual receiver
  • Ordinary maintenance cut by 50%
  • Applicable to any Piovan central resin conveying system (Easy3 or central resin conveying systems with PLC control)
  • Optimised short and long distance material conveyance. Depending on the distance to the storage area Varyo optimises all operation parameters, including the energy utilization to convey the material

Saznajte više (PDF 1.61 MB)

F series vacuum units

The F vacuum pumps, with a power ranging from 1.5 up to 11 kW, cover a production range of up to 1500 kg/h and a transport distance of 100 m maximum.

The vacuum pumps can be equipped with the FZ cartridge filter or particularly compact and efficient filtering systems CF1, CF2 and CF3. The CF filter combines the cyclonic effect with dust separation and are recommended in the case particularly dusty materials are conveyed.


  • Maintenance-free motors
  • Noise level lower than 75 dB(A)
  • High filtering efficiency
  • Quick and simplified filter cleaning operations
  • Vertical design solution requiring little floor space

Saznajte više (PDF 1.61 MB)

Pureflo receivers

PureFlo eliminates the need for ordinary maintenance of the vacuum receiver (filter cleaning) and improves the conveying capacity of the overall system.
The plastic granule moves through the conveying pipes carried by an airflow generated at negative pressure by a vacuum unit.
The velocity the plastic granule reaches during conveying varies between 15 metres/second at the pick-up point and 25 metres/second at the end of the line.
In a conventional solution the plastic granule enters the receiver at the end velocity, ie 25 metres/second, and stops by hitting on the inner walls of the receiver body.

The innovative and unique design of PureFlo allows the plastic granule not to keep its end velocity all the way into the receiver body but, through a Right Angle bend, to dissipate the entire kinetic force it picked up during conveyance.
The granules fall into the receiver body, where they have a residual speed of 1 metre/second. It directs the flow to the base of the receiver where the air gradually loses pressure and velocity.



  • No plugged filter problems
  • Simplified accessibility
  • No maintenance
  • Minimized cleaning


  • Improved loading capacity
  • Elimination of cleaning cycles
  • Abrasion resistant
  • No powder pollution


  • Minimal installation costs
  • No spare parts
  • Reduced cleaning activities
  • No maintenance downtime

Saznajte više (PDF 1.61 MB)

S series single phase hopper loader

The Piovan range of single phase hopper loaders allows for automatic granule conveying to drying hoppers, volumetric and gravimetric blenders, and processing machines.
The S single phase hopper loaders incorporate the vacuum motor. They can convey up to 200 kg/h of material and the distance can reach 20 m. The S series loaders are equipped with a new keypad control which includes a powerful microprocessor.
The display and keyboard grant a simple and quick access to all the functions. The RS485 serial communication port (modbus protocol) is included as standard.

The high reliability of the Piovan single phase loaders is ensured by two devices included in the standard configuration, considerably increasing the vacuum pump’s life:

  • Soft start function, which reduces the wear out of the brushes and the risk of damaging the motor
  • Warning signals indicating the necessity to replace the brushes

Standard version:

  • 1 kW double step vacuum motor
  • Paper or fabric filter
  • Automatic filter cleaning device (by means of compressed air)
  • Filter cleaning air exhaust and inspection door with stainless steel mesh protection
  • Magnetic level sensor
  • Control box with keypad, including the serial port and LEDs for the indication of working status and alarms
  • Aluminum flange which allows the 360° rotation for a flexible positioning


  • VP proportioning valve
  • Acoustic alarm


  • No risk of material contamination or corrosion
  • Absence of granule stagnation
  • Maximum performance at every loading cycle
  • Total safety
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Handling of all granular materials
  • Soft start function
  • Warning signals

Saznajte više (PDF 1.61 MB)

Ryng production monitoring

The universal device for production monitoring

An extremely simple system to measure productivity and efficiency of the feeding line.
In order to have an instant and precise measurement of the quantity of material transferred from the container to the hopper, allowing operators to take prompt action on the machine’s operating parameters and, above all, to be able to have information on the machine’s effective productivity, Piovan has designed and manufactured a special production monitoring system, called “Ryng”.
Ryng is structured as a component that is inserted between the loading container and the storage hopper with a high-precision weighing device placed inside it.
The system uses proprietary software, set according to specific algorithms which “filter” and “interpret” the data it gathers and consequently indicate the actual quantity of transferred material. Ryng actually measures the quantity of material that the container loads into the hopper, providing information directly from the field and therefore allowing real-time comparisons to be made at any time between the machine’s expected production and its actual production.
In addition, the software is programmed to exclude or reduce to a minimum any measurement fluctuations that may be caused by the inevitable vibrations felt throughout the feeder system due to the machine’s normal operation. So, the system achieves high precision measurements (with a maximum error rate of less than 1%).


  • Monitor of the material consumption in real time
  • Control of the production batches
  • Statistics of the production volumes
  • Applicable with any loader device
  • Remote control via Winfactory 4.0 connection

Saznajte više (PDF 1.61 MB)

Oblasti primene




Tehnička plastika


Energetska efikasnost

Energetska efikasnost u industriji je pojam koji je na našim prostorima postao bitan krajem 2008. i početkom 2009. godine, sa početkom svetske ekonomske krize. Većina privrednika je, do tada, najčešće deklarativno razmatrala trošak struje, kao bitan element kompletnog pregleda troškova. Pritom uticaj energetske efikasnosti na zagađenje prirode gotovo uopšte nije bio razmatran.

Kompanija Neofyton je među prvima u Srbiji i regionu počela aktivno prezentovanje značaja energetske efikasnosti, kako zbog smanjenja troškova proizvodnje, pa samim tim i povećanja profitne stope, tako i zbog podizanja svesti o ograničenosti resursa i širim ekološkim principima.

Ušteda energije korišćenjem Neofyton mašina

U poređenju sa direktnim konkurentima u sferi mašina za brizganje plastike, a korišćenjem standardne hidraulike u koju su ugrađene tzv. “smart” pumpe, naše mašine troše i do 50% manje energije. Korišćenjem servo-hidraulike, postoji potencijal za uštedu do čak 70%. Posedujemo veoma precizan uređaj za merenje potrošnje električne energije, kojim se to i dokazuje.

Kompanija Engel je bila prvi proizvođač mašina za brizganje plastike, još 2009. godine, koji je u svoj upravljački sklop uveo, kao standardnu opciju, stranicu za prikaz potrošnje struje – “Ecograph”, gde se navođenjem težine za svaki proizvod (kalup), u svim ciklusima dobija podatak, kako o ukupnoj potrošnji struje po satu, tako i o specifičnoj potrošnji struje po kilogramu prerađene plastike (kWh/kg).

Očuvanje životne sredine

Oprema koju zastupamo doprinosi OČUVANJU ŽIVOTNE SREDINE na nekoliko načina.
Kada govorimo o pratećoj opremi, a pre svega o čilerima za hlađenje vode našeg dobavljača Eurochille, kojima se temperira kako hidraulika i servo motori u mašinama, tako i kalupi (alati) u kojima se i formiraju gotovi proizvodi, čilerski sistemi koje mi prodajemo omogućavaju novi koncept hlađenja korišćenjem tzv. “adijabatskog efekta”.

U letnjem periodu hidraulika i servo motori mašina za brizganje zahtevaju hlađenje vodom temperature do 28°C. Korišćenjem tzv. “free cooling” uređaja sa “adijabatskim efektom”, hlađenje procesne vode se odvija bez korišćenja rashladnih kompresora (koji koriste freone za izmenu toplote). Izmena toplote, tj. hlađenje se odvija isključivo korišćenjem ventilatora, čime se postiže ušteda od 6 do 8 puta u odnosu na klasične čilere koji koriste kompresore sa freonom.

Jedan od naših kupaca je, korišćenjem “adijabatskih” uređaja za hlađenje, umanjio potrebnu količinu električne energije za hlađenje, za 1.400.000 kWh/godišnje, tj. za oko 70.000 EUR. Dodatna prednost je odsustvo rizika, da usled pucanja cevi dođe do curenja freona u atmosferu i velikog zagađenja.

Slična računica se može primeniti na naše Engel mašine za brizganje plastike, kao i na Piovan sušare za sušanje granulata.

Kompanija Neofyton PIOVAN partner

Kompanija Neofyton je PIOVAN partner za tržišta Srbije, Hrvatske, Bosne i Hercegovine, Makedonije, Nigerije i Kameruna. Piovan je velika internacionalna grupacija osnovana 1934. godine, sa preko 70 godina iskustva, sa ekspertizom u proizvodnji prateće opreme za brizganje plastike. Servis i prodaja opreme su obezbeđeni na četiri kontinenta (Evropa, Severna i Južna Amerika, Azija).

Jedna od odlika PIOVAN kompanije je i konstantna komunikacija sa kupcem kroz konstantnu tehničku pomoć i podršku. Klijent je uključen u rešenje od faze dizajniranja do ugradnje i puštanja u rad postrojenja.

Neofyton youtube kanal

Neofyton isporučuje usluge po sistemu “ključ u ruke”

Od projektovanja sistema do puštanja mašina u rad i obuke

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