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Modular range of electronic, volumetric filling monoblocs

A new, extremely innovative and flexible platform, which takes the standard Sipa technologies to the highest level currently available on the market.
By taking advantage of the modular nature of all the elements of the platform, and choosing the most suitable filling valve, it is possible to create bespoke solutions for a wide range of bottling needs. In particular, the possibility of being able to fill several products on the same production line was one of our main aims when designing the FLEXTRONIC platform.
At the same time, we developed new EVO filling valves, created to be perfectly integrated and interchangeable as part of this new platform.
The range can be equipped with various different feeding solutions:

  • from mixer/carbonator
  • from pasteurizer
  • from external tank
  • from central tank on board


  • Great flexibility : multiproduct valves allow to handle on the same line still and carbonated, and hot filled products with or without pulps
  • High precision of bottled product
  • Optimized solutions to handle latest generation of ultra-light bottles
  • Automatically engaged dummy bottles
  • XFILL configuration available
  • Reduced changeover down-times
  • Valves made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Filling technology suitable for sensitive products (i.e. CSD without preservatives at 18°C)


  • Flextronic C
  • Flextronic S
  • Flextronic SC
  • Flextronic SE
  • Flextronic W


  • Filler from 50 to 180 valves
  • the output depends on the valve configuration and the product to fill

The main products that can be processed are: carbonated soft drinks (with or without pulps), Carbonated mineral water, non-carbonated mineral water, clear and pulpy juices (also with big dimension pulps), isotonic and sport drink, Sensitive products (fresh or micro-filtered ESL milk, drinking yoghurt etc.), beer, alcoholic beverages, edible oil, home and personal care products.

PET Bottles from 0,125 to 3000 ml.

The filler is designed for PET bottles filling.

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Volumetric gravity filling monoblock for large size containers

Bigfill is an electronic rotary volumetric filler for bottling still liquid products in large PET bottles. The machine is optimized for moving and filling large formats (up to 20 litres).


  • No contact between valve and bottle
  • High flow performance and filling speed modulation to optimize the large size filling process
  • High bottled product precision
  • Extremely clean and simple filling valve
  • Automatically engaged dummy bottles
  • Valves made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel


  • Bigfill
  • Bigfill – massic option


  • Filler from 12 to 24 valves
  • from 2,800 to 10,500 b/hour on 5 litres with water

The main products that can be processed are: :non-carbonated mineral water, demineralized water and edible oil.

The filler is designed for PET bottles filling.

Large size PET Bottles:from 3 to 20 L.

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Isobaric filling monobloc

Mechanical level filler for carbonated products in PET bottles, was designed adopting advanced technologies. It has an innovative design and is equipped with special features for both filling and moving the bottles, which guarantee great advantages in terms of performance and operating flexibility. The valve is also able to fill non-carbonated products.


  • Reliable, simple and easily sanitized valve
  • Valve with height adjustable moving filling tube to define the level in the bottle
  • Automatically engaged dummy bottles
  • Foam reduction solutions allow excellent filling performances even at ambient temperature
  • Reduced changeover down-times
  • Valves made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel

Isofill P: for PET bottles


  • Fillers with from 20 to 160 valves
  • from 3,900 to 33,000 b/hour on 1.5 litres with CSD (13°C)

The main products that can be processed are: carbonated mineral water and CSDs, still mineral water, clear cold filled juices, cold filled isotonic and sport drinks, beer.

PET Bottles from 0,125 to 3000 ml.

The filler is designed for PET bottles filling.

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Gravity filling monobloc

It is a mechanical gravity filling machine, for PET bottles, designed for cold and hot filling of non-carbonated products.


  • Reliable, simple and easily sanitized valve
  • High production output
  • Reduced changeover down-times
  • Valves made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel


  • Stillfill S Evo for cold filled non-carbonated water and clear juices
  • Stillfill HR Evo for HOT FILL (up to 95 °C) and more generally for all non-carbonated beverages that require filling with recirculation


  • Fillers with from 20 to 140 valves
  • from 4,800 to 50,000 b/hour on 1.5 litres with still water

    from 4,700 to 36,000 b/hour on 1.5 litres with fruit juice

The main product you can fill are: non-carbonated mineral water, non-carbonated clear juices, non-carbonated juices with pulps and fibers, isotonic and sport drinks, RTD tea, milk and derivatives, alcoholic products.

Bottles form 0,125 to 3000 ml in PET or Glass.

The filler is designed for filling PET bottles, but can also be configured to handle glass bottles.

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PET specialist

With its 30-year-long experience in PET packaging, SIPA has expertise in all segments of bottle production and filling, from preforms to finished products, in food and beverage industries, chemical products, cosmetics, detergents and pharmaceuticals.

The company, which has always been innovations-oriented, has for many years also cooperated with numerous universities and research institutes. It was among the first to start succcessful production of plastic bottles made of plants and renewable sources.

About SIPA (PDF 1.48 MB)

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Energy efficiency is a concept that in our part of the world became important towards the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009, at the outset of the world economic crisis. Most business people had, until then, mostly declaratively considered power consumption as a significant element of the total cost analysis. In these considerations, the impact of energy efficiency on the environment pollution had hardly been tackled at all.

Neofyton was among the first companies in Serbia and the region to start actively demonstrating the importance of energy efficiency, both by cutting production costs and therefore increasing profit rates and building awareness of the resource shortage and broader ecological principles.

Energy savings through the use of Neofyton's machines

In comparison with our direct competitors in the field of plastics injection machines, and with the utilization of standard hydraulics with integrated so-called "smart" pumps, our machines consume as much as 50% less energy. The use of servo-hydraulics opens up the potential of savings as high as 70%. We have a very precise power consumption measuring device to prove this.

The company Engel was the first plastics injection machine manufacturer back in 2009, which introduced the power consumption page as a standard component of the control assembly – "Ecograph", where - next to the weight of each product (molded part) in every cycle - total hourly consumption is shown, as well as the specific power consumption per one kilogram of processed plastics (kWh/kg).


The equipment we represent contributes to ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION in several ways.
When it comes to ancillary equipment, above all water chillers by our supplier Eurochille, used for temperature control of both hydraulics and machine servo motors and molds (tools) in which finished products are made, the chiller systems we sell facilitate the use of a new cooling system based on the so-called "adiabatic effect".

In summer, the hydraulics and servo motors of the injection molding machines call for cooling with water at a maximum of 28°C. Using the so-called "free cooling" device with the "adiabatic effect", cooling of process water is performed without cooling compressors (which use freon as the heat exchanger). Heat exchange, i.e. cooling happens exclusively by the use of ventilators, which translates into six- to eightfold savings compared to traditional chillers that use freon-based compressors.

One of our customers has reduced the required cooling energy by 1.400.000 kWh per year, i.e. by about 70.000 EUR, using the "adiabatic" cooling devices. An additional benefit is the elimination of major pollution risks which might arise from emissions of freon into the atmosphere due to tube puncture or breakage.

A similar calculation can be applied to our Engel injection molding machines, as well as to the Piovan granulate dryers.

Neofyton SIPA S.p.A’s partner and representative

Neofyton is SIPA’s partner for the markets of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Nigeria, and Cameroon.

SIPA is the only supplier in the market who can offer the complete service package: from the design and production of preforms, molds, and containers to the realization of complete production lines. SIPA is an ideal partner for the implementation of your projects: from pellets to palettes.

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