ENGEL injection molding machines for packaging industry. New technologies, fast cycle time, production optimisation, large number of cavities.

e-speed 500/90 t

cartridge with IML production

PACKAGING ENGEL e‑speed 500/90 t injection molding machine with IML, 16 cavity mold, for a thin wall production – cartridges. Production of long, hollow, thin-walled products with wall thickness of 1.2 mm, with a large diameter and simultaneous decoration – IML, placed great demands in terms of fast movements of the machine (closing) as well as the efficiency of the unit for plasticizing.

e-motion 740/220

Inject2blow – injection & blow molding in 1 step

PACKAGING ENGEL e-motion 740/220 T WP, 8-cavity (max up to 96 cavities), inject2blow production of cosmetics’ bottle. Inject2blow is combining the process of blow molding and injection molding in one step. iQ clamp and iQ weight control – software for automatic optimization of product weight and force closure tools – process stability, quality and maximum productivity. This process is ideal for the production of the baby bottle or bottle of cosmetic.


special technology requirements

ENGEL screws for greater homogenization and better melt blending. It also enables the same high quality of the melt with adding masterbatch, glass fibers for special requirements in terms of design and strength of the product. Optimization of materials feeding and the plasticizing process led to the screw optimization which has followed technological progress in terms of reducing production cycle, reducing the temperature tools etc.


ENGEL injection molding machines for technical molding and teletronics. New technologies, new materials, 2k molding,  process optimization.

Insert 500v/130

tablet cases production

TELETRONICS ENGEL insert 500V/130 vertical injection molding machines – fiber reinforced thermoplastics – lower weight – 0.6 mm, and greater strength – tablets cases production. ENGEL easix robot and the IR owens with a large surface are integrated into the control unit CC300.

V-duo 1560/700

2 parallel process in the same time

TECHNICAL ENGEL v-duo 1560/700 duo vertical injection molding machines – Injection Moulding in-situ polymerization – production of technical plastic. This machine is characterized by compact size, different material requirements and process stability.

Victory combi

2K moulding

ENGEL victory 200H/200L/160 combi 2K injection molding tie bar less machine for silicon processing.


ENGEL smart service & process monitoring, implies integration of the machines with auxiliary equipment with process monitoring and adjusting. iQ weight and iQ clamp control software, as well as iQ flow control for service support and process monitoring, are enabling the process optimization as well as max. efficiency and productivity. Industry 4.0 is enabling smart machine – smart service – smart production.

iQ clamp control

clamp force control

ENGEL iQ clamp control produces perfect parts while using resources economically. In mould breathing, the reduction of clamp pressure when the melted material is being injected into the mould, can cause quality issues with the part. Mould breathing that is too great or too small can produce burn marks or flash. The intelligent ENGEL iQ clamp control software determines the optimum clamping force quickly, automatically keeping mould breathing within the ideal range and thus reducing rejects.

iQ weight control

shot weight control

ENGEL iQ weight control, keeps control of all external production conditions: fluctuations in raw materials and changes in ambient conditions can substantially impair the quality of your moulded parts. The intelligent ENGEL iQ weight control software adapts the switch over point and holding pressure profile to match the current conditions, shot for shot. The effects of external influences are thus compensated for, fully automatically and in real time.


smart service support

ENGEL e-connect, allows smart service support, monitoring of process parameters at every moment of the production, thus reducing unplanned downtime and increases production efficiency. Follow the life cycle of all the parts of the machine, which allows to order and purchase spare parts and maximize productivity, without delays in production.


Presentation Campetella IML robot for the packaging industry, Piovan accessories for plastic and central systems Eurochiller industrial chillers for cooling, Tria grinders for all types of plastics processing, Manner cylindrical hot runners and tools.

Campetella IML robots

packaging industry

CUTLERY – full automation – all electric injection molding machines + high speed robot – maximum productivity

PACKAGING – manufacturing round cans, 500 ml – 2 cavities – cycle of 2.7 s with IML – wrap around – a new robot mini Module


adiabatic cooling systems

Adiabatic cooling chillers ADXevo enables maximum energy efficiency and process optimization, as a combination of adiabatic chillers and cooling towers.


plastic processing industry

INJECTION – JM series of mills adapted to plastic injection molding – capacity: 50 -80 kg / h
EXTRUSION- XT series mills adapted to plastic injection molding – capacity 50 – 1600 kg / h
BLOWING – BM series mills adapted to plastic injection molding – capacity: 100 -4500 kg / h
FOIL – TR series mills adapted to plastic injection molding – capacity: 50 -1200 kg / h

Due to a long tradition of business since 1992 in the field of plastics, „Neofyton“ is aimed at raising the quality of service, innovation and constant development. Our core value system is the integration process from a single source and lifting services to customers at the highest level. We are a modern company with a team of young professionals to be proactive trying to follow the latest technological trends and always delivers the latest equipment and energy efficient systems.

„Neofyton“ has its own service team, which professionally and quickly responds to all customer requirements. In addition to integrated technology, we can find support and consultation regarding the design of central cooling systems, as well as the central system for the transport of materials.

Due to the fact that we operate in the region, we have opened a representative office in Zagreb even in 2013, to raise our service to a higher level and to be even closer to our customers. Our new office address in Zagreb Hektorovićeva 2 and is located in the core business center of Zagreb.

Why Neofyton

  • Consulting & premium quality service and machines delivery from 1 source
  • Certified service team (7 technicians + service manager)
  • Delivery & start up of the machines
  • Service support, spare parts delivery, training and education
  • Centralized systems installation, 24-years of expertise